About Us


The Foundation of the Indian Cities is an endeavour to understand urbanism in context of the ever evolving Indian City – from its multiple layered perspective of history, economics, growth patterns, aspirations, design and trajectory and its overall relevance in today’s date.

It is an attempt  to decode the various facets of multiple urban spaces, at both a microspcopic as well as a microcosmic level – and attamept to study, research, document and archive the various usage and design related aspects of city spaces, as well as try to map out the identity in the scheme of things in India and the world.

It intends to make the research accessible for students, researchers, practitioners and planners and the general interested citizens. Apart from pedagogic, the foundation also intends to use design as a tool of enquiry into space making as well. The foundation will initiate a series of community based development projects (at microcosmic scale) which addresses those areas of cities that are fundamentally disowned by multiple stakeholders.

It is an attempt to understand how city growth – planned and random, urban planning and policy making, design interventions and adhoc constructions, multiple localized factors and other aspects of rapid urbanisation are continuously manifesting themselves in the built environment around us,  and shaping the form and character of our cities. On the other hand, the academic predictions of how the city may grow eventually becomes only a part of the ground reality – distorted by the multiple pressure of an ever evolving city, skewed by the market forces of real estate and development and colored and influenced by socio-cultural factors and local sensibilities. It attempts to explore the reason for the political, administrative and societal complacency we display to the way our cities grow.

Can we identify the basic idea of what makes an Indian city unique to its space and time ? What makes an Indian city survive despite all odds and measured against the modern concept of what a “good city” ought to be ? Does Indian Architecture explore its own traditions or is it a mere derivative of the “supposedly superior” western model ? Are our cities going down the road map we had planned or have they taken a life and shape of their own ? Our we doing enough to build, manage and control our growing cities in the right direction, with a long term vision for the future ? The questions are many, and the answers are neither singular nor simple !

The indiancities.com is a multifaceted online platform, with interest groups amongst Architects, Planners, Sociologists, development experts, economists, decision makers and researchers and at the onset, recognizes the need for the citizens from all aspects of the machinery of the city to participate in the process s of city building. The focus is to understand the identity of the evolving Indian city from the point of view of its many stakeholders involved in its making. It is an online platform and space for initiating debate, creating awareness and triggering positive constructive intiaitives around specific issues of Urbanism across Indian Cities and in process, provide some vital clues for creating a better future for contemporary Indian cities.


Archana Gupta | Founder Director                         Anshuman Gupta | Founder Director         
Prof AGK Menon | Member, Advisory Board            Prof Vinayak Bharne | Member, Advisory Board