Management Team

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Archana Gupta | Founder, Director

BY education an architect with a masters degree in sustainable design, Archana Gupta believes that the value of architecture lies in its wholistic nature . She through her buildings and teachings tries to represent those aspects of architecture which look for the “big feelings” in the little things. Though she is antithetical to the very idea of institutions, for the last few years she has been conducting a studio for architecture students in New Delhi, which explores the evolution of architectural discourse through the everyday production of space in traditional settlements. That’s why apart from being a practising architect she likes to teach, write, learn languages and read . . . .books, people and cities!
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Anshuman Gupta | Founder, Director

Anshuman Gupta is a post graduate Architect and a highly experienced Corporate Real Estate and Project Management professional. He has a keen interest in sustainability and is a strong proponent of finding contextual and environmental relevance and meaning in design of spaces. Anshuman has travelled extensively across India and delivered projects in more than 200 Indian cities and towns. Currently based out of Mumbai, Anshuman works as part of the Real Estate management team of a large corporation, and spares time to research and write about urbanism and cities.

Advisory Board

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Prof AGK Menon

Prof AGK Menon, is an architect, urban planner and conservation consultant. Practicing and teaching in Delhi since 1972, he co-founded the TVB School of Habitat Studies in 1990 and was its Director from 1994–2007, when it was inducted into the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, as the University School of Architecture and Planning. As a Conservation Consultant he has undertaken many pioneering urban conservation projects in India on behalf of INTACH and authored several documents setting guidelines for conservation practice in India, including The Charter for the Conservation of Unprotected Architectural Heritage & Sites in India, 2004. While maintaining an active professional practice he remains a passionate interlocutor in mediating the development of Delhi as a Heritage City.
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Prof Vinayak Bharne

Vinayak Bharne is an Los Angeles based urbanization cosnultant, and a professor of urbanism at the Sol Price School of Public Policy, and School of Architecture at the University of Southern California. His work ranges from master plans and campus design to strategic advising and zoning reform for governments, institutional and private clients in India, United States, Panama, China and Mauritius. His books include The Emerging Asian City: Concomitant Urbanities & Urbanisms, Zen Spaces & Neon Places: Reflections on Japanese Architecture and Urbanism, and Rediscovering the Hindu Temple: The Sacred Architecture & Urbanism of India.

Guest Experts and Contributors

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Nidhi Gupta

Nidhi Gupta is an Architect with a post graduate degree in Environmental Architecture; currently practicing as a Green Building Consultant with “Environmental Design Solutions” in Mumbai. She is well versed with solar passive building design, renewable and alternative energy systems, day lighting, energy simulation and alternative building materials and technologies. ​Recently, she participated in the International Summer University at Harz University of Applied Sciences, Germany on "Renewable Energies & Climate Protection"; where she gave a presentation on "Renewable Energy Scenario in India". Nidhi serves as an external ​guide for thesis students at Rachana Sansad's Institute​ of Environmental Architecture, Mumbai and  her interests include reading, travelling, photography and languages.
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Parul Kiri Roy

Parul Kiri Roy is an architect academician and art historian . In her work and studio she constantly strives to clarify the relationship between the intangible qualities of space perceived and the tangible aspects of the frame delineating the space. She investigates into the realm of memory, the pastness of the past as a precursor of the present, seeing how history carries relevance to contemporary times informing the practice of architecture. Representation of architecture is another of her interest areas, from the content and quality of drawings of the built object, analytical diagrams of a spatial complex, documentation of settlements to how architects represent the profession and themselves in society. Currently an assistant professor in New Delhi she is also researching the correlation between education and all that informs the practice of architecture in our country.
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Ripin Kalra

Ripin Kalra is an Architect and Urbanist working as an International Development and Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist. He has worked in over 20 countries with National governments and ministries, municipalities and the private sector advising on sustainable infrastructure and development. Ripin spends time between India and United Kingdom. He cares deeply about a healthy life, economy and heritage in Indian cities and towns, believing technology is important for the future of Indian cities, though many other parameters need to be set right for Indian cities to be workable and enjoyable for its residents. Ripin is an avid cartoonist and loves capturing India in his drawings.
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Rishi Singhal

Rishi Singhal is a photographer and academician, based in Ahmedabad. He has lived and worked in diverse geographies and cultures around the world, and has a keen interest in observing urban spaces and their impact on human-condition. Rishi is a graduate of the CEPT university at Ahmedabad, with a masters degree in Fine Arts from Syracuse University, NY. Currently he teaches photography at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and Gandhinagar.

Research Associates

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Ananya Iyer

Ananya Iyer is an alumnus of Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi and is currently pursuing her Hons. degree in Political Science from Hindu College, University of Delhi. She has a keen interest in history, politics and mythology and aims to make a career in the social sciences. She loves to read and is training in Jazz, as a key member of Hindu College’s choreography society- Srijya. She spares time from her regular studies to work as a Research Associate with the Foundation.
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Parul Bhardwaj

Parul is a graduate from University School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi. She has a keen interest in exploring, observing and learning from cities through travelling, and reading about their history, urbanity and culture. Through her work, she attempts to translate her observations, understanding and ideas around urbanism through graphical representation and artwork. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Architectural Design and History from Politecnico di Milano, and spares time to research and contribute on multiple research projects of the Foundation.
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Sharmishtha Agarwal

Sharmishtha is a graduate from Sushant School of Art and Architecture, currently working in an architectural firm in New Delhi. She likes to study about the social aspects of architecture and believe that architecture is much more than just buildings. Sharmishtha has a vivid interest in the history of architecture and likes to learn about it through travelling and reading.
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Suhani Gupta

Graduate Architect from Sushant school of art and architecture, Gurgaon, Suhani is a keen learner and likes to read, research and understand about the aspects of city making. Currently she works with an architectural practice in Delhi. Apart from work Suhani likes to explore and learn from places and people.
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Vaidehi Rajpat

Vaidehi Raipat is an architect by profession, with a Masters in Urban design by research from Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai. She works as a Research fellow at “ The Foundation of the Indian Cities”, in addition to working as a freelance practising Architect at Bangalore. Passionate about Creative writing, designing and sketching, she has published and presented many research papers at national and international journals and conferences. Her interest lies in analysing the different facets of urban environment and weave meaningful and interesting storylines around the same - in an attempt to trigger a dialogue for creating more adaptable and liveable cities.