Celebrating Timeless Urban Spaces within Indian Cities

  • By: Archana Gupta
  • Posted on December,17 2014

The foundation of Indian cities has been leading an ongoing research project on understanding and documenting the timelessness, liveliness and chaos of Public urban spaces within Indian cities.
Great public/urban spaces are where celebrations are held, social and economic exchanges take place, friends run into each other, strangers interact with each other, lovers lose into each other’s eyes despite the happening crowd around, the homless or the dejected would have spent an entire day alone thinking of what to do next, kids run amock and have endless fun, demonstrations, religious processions and celebrations take place, where the environment is friendly and the trees are there to shade, there are benches to sit and safe places to walk, and largely speaking these places become the melting pot of various culutures within the social fabric of the city.

As part of this project, the focus is to capture and explore the liveliness and the essence of these great public spaces and attempt to understand what makes these spaces great, and timeless.

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