Pedagogic Potential of the Discovery of architecture

  • By: Archana Gupta
  • Posted on December,17 2014

An interactive workshop entitled “Pedagogic Potential of the Discovery of architecture”, was held at the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, on July 10th& 11th 2014.

The workshop was jointly organized by the Department of Architecture, school of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi & The Foundation of Indian Cities. This multi-disciplinary workshop was attended by over 35 faculty members (both full time academics & visiting professionals) from various Institutes of Delhi and other parts of northern India. The participants were from across many disciplines – Architecture, Planning, Housing, Landscape Design, Urban Design, Sociology and Anthropology.

Based on an essay, entitled “The Discovery of Architecture : a contemporary treatise on ancient values and indigenous reality”, co-authored by Prof M.N.AshishGanju& Prof NarendraDengle, the workshop attempted to explore teaching methods in Architecture colleges and encouraged alternate ways of sensitizing students to the environment around them.

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