Sacred towns : Revisiting City centre cores to create new living centres. . . .( Looking . . . )

  • By: Archana Gupta
  • Posted on December,17 2014

This is the premise of an ongoing studio project with various IInd year architectural students across Delhi, where students are taught ways of seeing spaces which are outcomes of strong cultural / ritual / religious ideologies – and the way and form in which they evolve, grow, decay and metamorphose.
The studio aims at sensitizing architectural students to the urban environment which exists around them and also attempts to predict the nature of growth peculiar to a place and perhaps even manipulate it as a designer of the built environment.
The studio has covered areas like: the various Dargahs of Delhi (Mehrauli, Nizamuddin, Chiragh, Matka Peer), Vrindavan, Pushkar, Puri&Dwarkadheesh.
Three publications (in collaboration with University School of Architecture & Planning, GGSIPU, Delhi) have been an outcome of these studios.
Many Resource people have been involved and

The following academics have contributed to the research over the years –
Archana Gupta, Shaleen Sharma, Rajat Ray, MohitVerma, ParulKiri Roy, AditiKundu, Ruchita Gupta and Rishi Dev.

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